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  • Cora Wright

    I could kiss every single one of you! This is the best idea I have seen! Now I know exactly where my inhaler is at ALL times. No more fumbling in my purse or tote. No more losing my inhalers. They are exactly where i put them at (on my keychain and my purse or tote handle :)

  • LeighAnn Sutton

    I just wanted to say “Thanks” for your product. My son stared school this year and I was really worried if he would be able to manage his asmtha symptoms at school. Now that he can carry his inhaler on his belt loop, I feel much more secure. It’s a relief to know that he doesn’t need to ask the school nurse for his inhaler during an attack – it’s right there with him! Your product is a great sigh of relief for me! Thanks again!

  • Carol Dillenbeck

    I purchased my BreatheSleeve a couple of years ago at a Walgreens in Grand Grand Haven Michigan. i thought it was the greatest idea. i only occasionally need my inhaler, but when i do, i really need it, so having it attached to my key chain or to my purse is the greatest thing because i always have it with me. everyone that sees the BreathSleeve asks about it and i give them the internet address. just this last week i was in a panic because i thought i had lost mine!!! fourtunatly i found it. THANK YOU FOR MAKING SUCH A GREAT PRODUCT.


    Carol Dillenbeck

  • Linda C. Oklahoma

    I wanted to say thank you for making a product like BreatheSleeve. My son had to start carrying a rescue inhaler about two years ago and has had a hard time keeping up with it. He also wasn’t happy about having to carry one and thought some kids would make fun of him for having one. I am extremely pleased that after discovering your product he hasn’t lost his inhaler once! He also said, “That sleeve is pretty cool and the name is cool too. I don’t mind carrying my inhaler in the holder.” I now feel much better about him having it when he needs it.

    I will definitely be getting more in the future. Thank you!

  • Jennifer Salandino Miller Place, New York

    I am a very active asthmatic. I frequent the gym and am in training for the NYC Marathon. As part of my medication regiment, (which is very common for most asthmatics) I must carry a rescue inhaler. The BreatheSleeve makes my inhaler very portable and has resulted in easier carrying. Having my medication handy supports compliance, and will make for healthier and safer exercising!

    There aren’t many products out there to assist with carrying inhalers- most are bulky and do not come with clip-on attachments. In addition, with BreatheSleeve, the inhaler can be used immediately without unzipping, unwrapping, or fumbling with a case as with other products. This can make a difference in an emergency when you need medicine fast.

    Thanks for the innovation!


  • Joanne Lenik River Grove, Illinois

    My daughter has been an asthmatic all of her life. She’s 32 years old now and is STILL losing her inhaler. So many times over the years I have asked the question “Why doesn’t someone invent an inhaler with a hook on it”. Well, the BreatheSleeve is even BETTER.

    I was sitting in an allergists office paging through a magazine when I spotted your ad. To say that I got “excited” is an understatement. I immediately called the very same day and ordered 3 BreatheSleeves…one for my daughter and one for each of my 2 nieces. They were all delighted with it and each of them came up with a different place to attach their inhaler. That’s the wonderful thing about it. Everyone can use it in the way that serves them the best.

    It doesn’t surprise me that an asthmatic has invented something as important as the BreatheSleeve. It’s not just handy…it’s a blessing. My daughter sends her sincere gratitude.


  • Kim Dorrough Owasso, Oklahoma

    My son is in Cross country and track, and I lead an active life as well. This is the best thing I’ve seen for making sure your inhaler is with you. You don’t always have a pocket!


  • Susan Strutz Sante Fe, New Mexico

    I just wanted to thank you for inventing this GREAT product. Now I can switch to a smaller purse and still keep my rescue inhaler close at hand. I am sure I will be ordering more to match jackets and outfits! Once again thanks for the thank you email and the wonderful product! I’ve been looking for something like this for as long as I have carried a rescue inhaler.


  • Michelle Mehrtens Mandeville, Louisiana

    I want to thank you for inventing such a sleek inhaler holder!  I am an extremely active person and the BreatheSleeve has allowed me to have my inhaler at my fingertips at all times, no matter what I am doing or where I am.  I no longer have to take my purse everywhere or worry about whether or not my inhaler will fit in my pocket!  Again, thank you for inventing such a convenient way to carry an inhaler!

  • Tammy Long Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    I am a teacher – 7th and 8th grade.  I have doctored with allergies and asthmas all of my life.  Recently though, my environmental allergies have become worse … part of being around chalk and the germs associated with schools … and have had to rely on my inhaler more often.  At my last visit to my allergist for my allergy shot, I received a copy of the “Allergy & Asthma” magazine and saw your ad.  I too had problems keeping my inhaler at hand, especially at work and while out walking.  Thanks to BreatheSleeve, it is now located on my key chain.


    I originally purchased 3 of them.  I planned to use one for my travel bag and car too.  It was so useful I decided to give one to my younger cousin – a 6th grader – who also has difficulty keeping his inhaler at hand.  I ordered myself an additional 2 BreatheSleeves.  Today, at lunch, my principal eyed my keys and was very impressed by your creation.  She also suffers from allergies/asthmas [a real blessing when I’ve had to call out sick – I’m sure you will agree!] and I am taking my third one in for her tomorrow.  You may be getting more orders from me!


    I must say, you have quite the marketable little product.  If you could get them into doctor’s offices for sale [sort of like the peak flow meters], you could make a bundle!  And help a lot of people!


    Well, thank you for your product.


  • Catherine Glocker, Washington, DC

    Hi – I received some BreatheSleeves from my brother-in-law, Steve Dyer. I want to thank you for sending them; you have such a great idea! I keep inhalers everywhere, and it is so convenient to have the BreatheSleeve clipped to my gym bag, briefcase, dog leash, lanyard, even to my running shoes! I have been showing your invention off to everybody I see carrying an inhaler. \”WOW – Where can I buy one?”\ is always the response. Thanks again, and good luck with the business.


  • Robert Bibens Tulsa, Oklahoma

    I think it is great! I clip my inhaler to my shorts and I know exactly where it’s at. Having it with me gives me the confidence to practice at my full potential because I know my medicine is right there with me.


  • Amanda Perry Tulsa, Oklahoma

    I am a 14-year-old girl and I am involved in athletics. I dance at Theatre Arts in Broken Arrow, and I run track and hurdles, and play field hockey. I clip my BreathSleeve to my shorts and it’s always right there with me. It’s very convenient and I feel I can push my limits to the max knowing that if I have an asthmas attack, it’s right there with me! My friends with asthma all have one!